Exhibitor Information for 2024

After 4 long years of absence, it brings me great joy to announce that the 24th Annual Pathways to Transformation Holistic Health, Psychic & Crafts Fair IS HAPPENING on August 3-4, 2024, in Newport, Oregon. We are delighted to again create this fabulous event with our Pathways Family. We have missed you all so much and are looking very much towards seeing you and having the best FAIR ever. 

WHY THE NEW LOCATION? Because of changes to room availability, the loss of hallway booth space and the downsizing of booth sizes at the Yachats Commons due to the State Fire Marshal as well as the library temporarily operating in Rm 8 while awaiting a new building, we had to seek a new venue. Understandably, this has taken some major consideration and thought. There are no other venues large and suitable in Yachats or Waldport so we started looking in Newport and…THE GREAT NEWS IS we found a wonderful place.


We are being warmly welcomed to the Shilo Inns Oceanfront Newport Hotel Conference Center, 536 SW Elizabeth St., Newport, OR 97365. The Conference Center features over 4000 square feet of carpeted exhibitor space, an adjacent room for seminars, lots of free parking and easy access for loading in and out. There is FREE WIFI and the password is discover.
Our event will be advertised on their marquee sign. The hotel is offering a 20% discount on their regular rates for our exhibitors.

Vendor Set Up will be on Friday, August 2, from 11am-9pm and Saturday, August 3, from 7:30am-9:15am. The Fair hours are Saturday, August 3, 10-6, and Sunday, August 4, 9-5. There will be food carts in the lobby of the Conference Center as well as the Free Book Table, Info Table and Registration. The Weekend Pass Donation is $5. This event is family friendly. There is free parking. 


The Shilo Inns Oceanfront Newport Hotel is located in the historic Nye Beach area close to the Yaquina Bay Bridge Park and a lovely long beach for walking. Newport is on Hwy 101 at the convergence of Hwy 20. Hwy18 is about 25 miles north making it easily accessible from the Portland, Salem and Eugene areas. There are lots of restaurants and lodging options available. If you are able to extend your stay a bit you can take advantage of the Newport Aquarium, the Hatfield Marine Science Center, Yaquina Head Lighthouse Natural Area and the historic working Bayfront. The beautiful beaches offer wonderful opportunities for beautiful sunset watching. 


The Opening Ceremony is is one of my favorite times of the Fair because we unite in the shared intention of the Fair which is “MAY ALL WHO ENTER RECEIVE ALL THAT THEY REQUIRE” and we raise the energies and vibration to a wonderful level.  

Our OPENING CEREMONY on Saturday morning starts at 9:15 a.m. This is our time to gather together and heighten our energies to raise the vibration for the Fair and the Planet. I will gather everyone with my singing bowl and we will form a large circle. During the ceremony we will greet each other, have a moment of silence for departed friends and family, recite our One/Won poem from the Fair Program and join in a rousing Prosperity Belly Dance led by Elaine Correia. We will set the intention for the weekend and end the ceremony by joining my daughter Sara singing This Little Light of Mine. We will gather again on Sunday morning at 8:30 and reprise our Prosperity Belly Dance, Intention and song.  


The updated application that reflects all the new information is currently available here.

You will need to download, PRINT it, fill it out LEGIBLY, SIGN, and send it with your check to V. Young and mail it to me at POB 1023, Yachats, OR 97498. I require a hard copy of the application to process your registration.  



Booth prices will remain the same this year. Because the venue has some extra space, there are a few 10 x 10 booths for exhibitors that have structures that need fit in that size. The price for the 10×10 spaces is $225. If you don’t have a structure but would still like the extra space, order the 10 x 8 and request a 10 x10. I will let you know if we can accommodate you. Pay for the 10 x 8 and I will collect the $25 at the Fair depending on availability. Booth sharing is only allowed in the 10 x8 and 10 x10 spaces.

We are maintaining the 10′ wide x 8′ deep space size to allow for adequate fire safety walk ways. There will be booths on the sides and down the middle of the room. If you are in the middle, booths will be back to back. There are no dividers available so you are responsible for your own backdrop. Booth prices are 10 x 10 ($225),10 x 8 ($200), 8 x 6 ($185), small ($115). The small spaces may vary in size but will fit a card table or smaller table and 2 chairs.

This event is happening in one large room and we are currently working on designing booth placements. Previously we used a number of classrooms so this is very different. If you absolutely require a corner space, please write that in clearly on your application.


The table sizes available at the Conference Center are significantly different than at the Commons. 

There are NO 6′ tables available 

There are lots of 8′ x 18″ tables which can be put together to create a 8′ x 36″ surface

There are 13   4′ x 30″ tables

There are 10   2 x 30″ tables   

There are lots of round banquet tables.  

Tables are $10 each.  Please clearly note what size you need.

I will let you know if the table size you request is not available.

There are lots of comfortable padded chairs.


Tables need to be covered to the floor but please make sure the coverings don’t drag. Tie corners to prevent tripping. 

The hotel offers white table cloths for free but booth fronts still need to be covered to the floor. Please write in how many tablecloths you need because I just noticed that I forgot to put that option in the new application. 


If your booth has a solid wall behind you may hang stuff on the vinyl covering using blue painters tape or Command adhesive hooks.

Some booths may have a window (with a shade covering) and will not accept any hangings. Booths in the middle of the room will be back to back and will not have a backdrop unless you bring it. I will let you know what is behind you. If you absolutely need to have a back for signage, make sure to let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.


Please make sure to note on your application if you need electricity.

There are lots of outlets in the exhibit hall, however, you will still need to bring heavy duty extension cords and tape to secure to the carpet. For booths in the middle of the room, you can run extension cords to the wall outlets and secure with tape. The hotel has some covers to go over cords that we are able to use.


The Sunset Room is adjacent to the main exhibit hall and is accessed by walking through the hall. It features a fabulous ocean view with polarized window coverings and AC so you can enjoy both the view and the speaker in comfort. It will be set with chairs in a semi circle with a stack on the side and a table for your use during your presentation. 

We have one room for seminars this year so there are a limited number of 45 minute speaker spots available. Request your seminar space and I will do my best to accommodate as many speakers as possible. Seminar titles and times will be listed on the back of the program. Subject matter must be educational and no sales pitches, please. You may, of course, discuss your talent, service or product and give out your info during your talk. A creative, snappy and interesting title really does help bring people in. We will schedule the time of your talk so that subject matter flows well throughout the day.


As an exhibitor your receive a short, free listing in the Fair Program. This should be informative and clear. List your service/product and your name instead of a long cool name that isn’t explanatory to the public. They want to know what you do or have. Also, list a phone number OR website, unless your name/product is very short. I try to keep the Exhibitor Listing succinct. Thank you. 


Advertising rates are still the same. Horizontal business card is $40, double horizontal business card is $70. All ads are in B&W format only. If you have a vertical card it will need be converted to horizontal and there is a $20 fee for changing it. Please send ads in either jpg or PDF format. Indicate and pay for the ad with the application but please email the ads to mePlease make sure that your phone number and/or email/web info is included. Also, they need to be crisp and clear so that they can print well on either the white or hot pink paper of the Event Program. Color cards may not print clearly so black and white is best. We will put your booth number on the business card ad. I will be sending these onto Elaine who will, thankfully, be producing the program again. 


Please remember to bring some books for the Free Book Table. Book topics can be spiritual, self help, gardening, self sufficiency, healthy cooking, the occult, rocks/minerals and others; DVDs with similar focus are also welcome. I stock it with books but am happy to have more. I will be mentioning this in the promotion and would like as large a selection as possible. Folks can take as many as they like and I will encourage people to bring some, but taking is not dependent on their bringing books. 


Please remember to bring items for the Information Table. This is a great inexpensive way to reach your public. You may put 1-3 different pieces on the table, 25 copies per piece is sufficient as you can restock during the weekend if necessary. Half sheets are better than full pages, although if you have a lot to say that is OK. Brochures are great. Business cards can get lost in the shuffle, but a few are OK. AT THE END OF THE FAIR PLEASE RETRIEVE YOUR MATERIALS. We recycle anything that is not picked up by end of the Fair. 


If you have questions please feel free to call me on my cell at 541-270-3669. Good times to call are after 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. If I don’t answer, try again later. Your call will be noted on my cell and I will call you back if I receive it. If I don’t return the call, please text or email me, violet@peak.org. 

The world really needs the encouragement, healing and LOVE that we send out into the Universe during this Fair. We touch the hearts of our clients and attendees in an important and lasting way. I am so excited about providing another opportunity for major healing in the Universe. Thank you all for being a part of this amazing event in the past and for your anticipated participation in Pathways to Transformation this year. We will LET OUR LIGHT SHINE BRIGHT on August 3-4, 2024. 

Love in abundance,